Past activities

    The aim of this action is to attract experienced researchers and professionals from the international community to bring additional know-how to ILSP and enhance its knowledge basis. This represents a considerable investment in ILSP’s human capital that is expected to catalyse its performance and boost the capability building process in the priority research areas.

    For the case of the experienced researchers, each recruitee will be placed under the supervision of a senior ILSP researcher, who will be responsible for monitoring the progress of their work and ensuring their successful integration to the Institute’s working environment. The main tasks in their job description will be to fuse knowledge on their domains of expertise, build related capabilities into the Institute’s research groups, and actively contribute to the conception and initiation of research proposals.

    To enhance the organisation’s innovation capacity, an experienced professional will be recruited at the organisation’s Technology Transfer Office. He/she will have proven experience in the area of innovation, technology valuation and commercialization, patent protection and technology licensing issues, contacts in the technology transfer space, and experience in conducting market research.

    The duration of the appointments will vary depending on each post and the envisaged role of the recruited researcher.