Past activities

Open days

A set of info info days (roughly one per year)were  organized with a target audience of 50+ people, including representatives from the local education, government, research community, industry and other regional key stakeholder. Their goal was to inform the public on the Institute’s activities, research and technologies. Two of these info days were organised in major cities located at or near the Greek convergence regions and close to the Greek borders, in order to encourage participation from the Balkan member countries thus stimulating the Institute’s potential role in the wider region.


A set of scientific workshops was (co-)organized by LangTERRA in the form of satellite events, special sessions or symposiums in the context of or in conjunction with major conferences in the fields of interest, thus ensuring high visibility and impact.

Workshops organized in the context of the LangTERRA project aimed to bring together researchers and practitioners in the respective fields of interest, providing the opportunity to present results from renowned invited speakers and other researchers in the area, along with outcomes from ILSP’s work. Τhe participation of young researchers (PhD students, post-docs) was particularly encouraged in order to strategically gain new and fresh ideas and expand ILSP’s pool for future recruitment.