Priority research areas

To formulate its evolution strategy in the changing landscape of language technologies, ILSP has considered a set of key research directions are were expected to play a significant part in shaping the future of language technology and which are highly relevant to ILSP’s mission.

Projecting these directions over ILSP’s research axes, agenda, and core competencies, has laid the ground for identifying a set of priority research areas that will allow the Institute to address the future challenges, maintain its edge, and remain competitive. This consideration has also taken into account ILSP’s specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The identified priority areas represent research topics where ILSP already has a strong background but needs to acquire further know-how in order to expand its focus, catch up with recent developments, and closely follow the current state-of-the-art.
These priority areas span to different research axes and different research groups at ILSP, under the common field of Language Technologies. These are listed below, while more details are provided in the respective sections: