Short-term incoming visit from IUPR/UK and MADM/DFKI groups

During this follow up visit of Marcus Liwicki from IUPR/UK and MADM/DFKI groups, the following were presented (i) IUPR/UK and MADM/DFKI’s  current research activities, (ii) follow up of Fotini Simistira’s technology and know-how transfer on-site visit at IUPR/UK and MADM/DFKI, and (iii) exchange of ideas for possible collaborations in forthcoming calls, e.g. HORIZON 2020.

Marcus Liwicki is a Substitute Professor at the University of Kaiserslautern and a Senior Researcher & Head of MADM Group at DFKI Kaiserslautern.

This visit of Marcus Liwicki at ILSP/Athena RIC is a continuation of the initial short-visit of Vassilis Katsouros and Fotini Simistira at IUPR/TU KL and MADM/DFKI in October 2014 and immediately after the closure of the mid-term stay at IUPR/TU KL of Fotini Simistira.

Marcus Liwicki has given and introductory presentation on the activities of the Multimedia Analysis and Data Mining (MADM) at DFKI in general and a more detailed presentation on the research of the group in High Performance Pattern Recognition with LSTM and Deep Learning with applications on Document Classification, Document Binarization, Layout Analysis, Optical Character and Handwriting Recognition, Language Modelling, Scene Text Detection, Image Segmentation, Gesture Recognition, and Embodied Interaction.

He also gave a joint presentation along with Nicole Eichenberger on the DIVADesk — a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for scholarly work on historical documents that incorporates computational Document Image Analysis (DIA) technologies  and the ongoing progress of work of the HisDoc 2.0 project.

At the end of each presentation there was question/answering followed with a discussion on the topics presented.